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The Latest and Greatest iPhones (Until Next Time)

Tiffany Rivera

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With the base price tag of $699 and $999 for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, respectively, the public needs justification for both the excessive costs and superfluous amount of excitement that swept the world with the unveiling of these “revolutionary” technological advancements.

Although the hype surrounding Apple’s smartphone products is unavoidable, many do not seem to understand the difference between the iPhone 8/8 Plus and the iPhone X, likely due to the fact that they were released at the same time.

As Forbes Contributor Gordon Kelly explains, “For $300 less users will get a phone (iPhone 8) which has virtually identical performance, photography and charging as well as similar battery life. You won’t get the larger display, you won’t get Face ID but you will get Touch ID which the iPhone X lacks.” As Kelly explains, the most significant difference between both phones is the iPhone X’s all-screen design.

Online technology magazine BGR called “the 8 Plus the best smartphone in the world right now, boring though it may be.” This opinion is not shared by the testers by Consumer Reports who believe that the Samsung older phones are still superior to the iPhone 8.

Nonetheless, with the initial sales for iPhone 8 and iPhone X outselling the iPhone 6 and a reported six million iPhone X products sold on Black Friday, it is clear that the Apple trend continues to flourish and, for better or worse, it is impossible to extinguish the excitement these phones continue to ignite.

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The Latest and Greatest iPhones (Until Next Time)